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** READ FIRST **: Virtual Flea Market Guidance

What’s this Virtual Flea Market for?

If you have items you’d like to sell at PNW Game Swap, you can create a topic (virtual 'table') and list them in this area. This is just a forum to work out deals in advance of the event, so you can pack/plan accordingly.

*** NOTE: You must register with the site to be able to create a listing!  Only name and email are required for sign up.***

***Scheduled meet up Saturday August 6th 10AM, Location TBA***. It’s recommended that you exchange contact info and touch base with your trade partner(s) before the event.



First, you will need to create a new topic (this of this as a virtual 'table' at the flea market). Use the +Topic button on the Game Swap Forum (previous page). Give your topic/'table' a name (include some identifier so people can remember you). Then update the body of the topic with a list of the games you are offering (see example below).

When you list your item, include the condition of the game and the price you’d like to sell it for. The transaction will be handled by you from beginning to end. Don’t get offended by offers, this is a format where haggling is accepted, if not expected.

Please be aware, not everyone attends the entire event. If this is you, it’s helpful to list when you will/won’t be there to avoid missing your buyer/seller.

Don’t be a jerk! By agreeing to buy/sell a game, your partner is counting on you to keep your word. They are losing the chance to buy/sell with another person, so, please only agree if you plan on honoring your word, and if life happens, send them a direct message asap. Also, there is no need to publicly questions prices. The market will dictate the value, it’s not up to you to police it!

It’s best not to delete sold listings. This is your proof of the agreed price and condition. Just mark them as “sold”

Sellers: In order to keep this list working right, please update your items as follows:

1. When your item sells, please edit your list entry to indicate the item sold someplace.

2. If you change your price, please keep the new price on the same line of the listing (Do something like $25 $20)

3. Please don’t delete sold items!! Just leave them on the list. Thank you!


Example Listing :


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