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HawkFan's games for sale

Can provide photos if requested.  Will be at the event from about 9-12. PayPal preferred but will also accept cash at the event.

Set A Watch        Includes the Deluxe Upgrade Pack which contains 2 addl heroes plus extra creature cards and locations    Like New


Carpe Diem              Includes 1st expansion alternate banderole tiles    Very good / Box has slight wear on corners


Mystic Vale      Includes Mana Storm, Harmony, and Nemesis expansions. All stored in base game box.     Like New


5 Minute Marvel     Like New


Ulm      Very good / Box has slight wear on corners and edges


Machi Koro     Includes Harbor Expansion. Stored in base game box.     Like New


Bottom of the 9th      Includes Clubhouse expansion.  Stored in Clubhouse box.    Like New


Villages of Valeria    Includes Landmarks and Architects. Stored in box with KS exclusive sleeve.   Like New


Flash Point   Includes 5 expansions: Extreme Danger, Dangerous Waters, Honor & Duty, 2nd Story, and Urban Structures.  All boards and rules are consolidated into two game boxes.  Components stored and organized in a large Plano container.


Tokaido.  Includes Crossroads expansion. Stored in base game box. Like New.


I believe someone wanted to claim your copy of Ulm in the previous post. Hopefully they notice this thread.

I'd like:

Mystic Vale - $30

Set a Watch - $15


Ulm - $5  (If not already claimed)

Ulm was spoken for already. I had to confirm.

I will put you down for the other two though.

Do you prefer PayPal or cash?

I’ll take Villages of Valeria