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Games from Leon!

I plan on bringing as many of the below as I can fit in my car.  If you want me to reserve it for you or definitely bring it to check it out, let me know (so I can make sure it makes the cut if I don't have space).

OU - Opened, but unplayed
PG - Played, Good Condition

A Battle of Wits, Princess Bride game (OU) : $5
Alien Artifacts (OU) : $8
Arkhanos (OU) : $15
Ascending Empires (PG) : $30
Ashes, Rise of the Phoenixborn (PG) :- $10
Awesome Kingdom (PG) : $10
Captain’s Wager (OU) : $10
Champions of Hara (PG) :  $30
**CutThroat Caverns (played , good condition) : $10**Held for Jeremy**
Dead Money (OU) : $5
Descent, 2nd Edition (PG) : $10
Divinare (OU) :10
**Dungeon Mayhem (OU) : $5**Held for Jeremy**
Fairy Tale (OU) : $5
Finger Guns (OU) :$5
Firefly Shiny Dice (PG) : $10
For the Win (OU): $5
Fuse (PG): $5
Game of Crowns (PG): $5
Gem Rush (PG) : $5
Gladius (OU) : $10
Goblins Breakfast (PG): $10
Grifters (OU): $10
**Guardians (PG): $5**Held for Jeremy**
HeroCard collection (Champion of New Olympia, Cyberspace, Galaxy, Shogun, Prince expansion, Miko expansion, Crab expansion, Ferrion expansion, Egg Expansion, Talon Expansion) (OU) : $30
**Heroes of Tenefyr (PG) : $10**Held for Jeremy**
In Limbo (OU) : $5
Marbology (unopened): $15
Masques (OU): $5
**Marvel Champions Wrecking Crew expansion (sealed): $5 **(Held for Zeus F.)**
Midnight Legion (PG): 10
Mistfall (played, ok condition) and Heart of the Mists expansion (in the shrink): $20
Myth (OU): $5
Ninja (OU): $25
Obelisk (OU): $3
**Rampage (PG): $10**Held for Stripedog**
**Ravage, Dungeons of Plunder (PG): $10**Held for Jeremy**
Remnants (OU): $10
Sacred Grail and Staff of Dragons (Lost Legacy game) (OU): $5
Sidekick Saga (PG): $20
Subrosa (OU): $5
Superhot card game (OU): $5
**The Banishing (PG): $5**Held for Jeremy**
The Boss (OU): $5
Too Many Bones (complete, played, very good condition): $80
Twilight of the Gods (complete, partially opened, never played): $15
**Village Pillage (OU): $10**Held for Jeremy**
Windup War (OU): $5

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Dungeon Mayhem 5
CutThroat Cavern 10
Guardians 5
Heroes of Tenefyr 10
Ravage, Dungeons of Plunder 10
The Banishing 5
Village Pillage 10

Rampage 10

How firm are you on Too Many Bones?

Jeremy: I've marked those games as held for you.
Stripedog: Rampage marked as held. Pretty firm on Too Many Bones (was actually thinking it was too low).  Just got a message on FB right before your message, so I think I have a buyer anyway.

Sounds good, thanks. If the FB sale falls through please consider me a backup purchaser.

Sounds good, Stripedog!