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Games for Sale or Trade - thelastcoyote

I will be at the game swap from at least 9-12 or you can pick up in South Hill/Puyallup. I will most likely not be bringing any of these games with me unless they’re sold prior

Cash or Paypal (friends and family setting only) accepted.  Sorry I don’t use Venmo, etc.

Mostly interested in selling but games I may be interested in trading for are listed at the bottom.

(Note: I am more picky about box contents than the outside of the box and am not going to inspect the outside of them for dings unless requested. If you are concerned with it please ask for additional pictures of anything you are interested in. )


$5 games or 5 for $20

Costa Ruana (2018 version- new in shrink)


SOLD Dicey Peaks with Yeti standee 


Emergency Broadcast

Boss Monster




Gyrating Hamsters

Cthulhu in the House

Orleans 5th Player expansion (opened, unpunched)

Artifact Stack


Walking Dead Yahtzee

The Crew (German edition, printed English Rules & missions)

SOLD Skull King

SOLD Claim

Minecraft the card game


Fairy Tale Gloom

Bowling Dice


Kittens in a Blender

SOLD Crime Zoom His Last Card (played and reset)

SOLD Deckscape Dracula’s Castle (played and reset)

SOLD Gone Bunkers


$10 games


Cave Troll


Awesome Kingdom Tower of Hateskull


SOLD Boss Monster 2 (new in shrink)


Baldrick’s Tomb


Jetpack Joyride (new in shrink)

Salem (open unpunched)

Evolution the Beginning

Peaky Blinders Faster than Truth

Ticket to Ride London


$15 games

Tides of Infamy

Fool’s Gold

SOLD On the Origin of Species (contents like new, box has some dings from shipping)


$20 games

Favor of the Pharaoh

Ticket to Ride + 1910 expansion

Mistfall Heart of the Mists(new in shrink)

Sailing Toward Osiris


$25 games

Dungeon Derby (with miniatures)


Palace of the Mad King Ludwig


Vivid Memories

SOLD Agricola 2013 Z-man edition with animeeples, also includes folded space insert

Dungeon Royale -Kickstarter w/solo expansion


Pirates vs Dinosaurs


$40 games

Reavers of Midgard

The Quest Kids plus Tolk the Wise expansion


$50 games

Black Angel (new in shrink)

Ex Libris

$70 games

Chimera Station deluxe






Games I may potentially be interested in trading for:

Archipelago, Claustrophobia, Crown of Emara, Dice Town, Duel of Ages II, Finca, Yamatai, First Rat, Fortune & Glory, El Grande Big Box, Khora, Macao, Manila, Oracle of Delphi, Waters of Nereus, and Wonderland’s War, Java, Flotilla, El Gaucho, Glen More II

(There may be others. You can always ask 😊)

I'm interested in these 5 for $20.

Dicey Peaks

Skull King


Crime Zone: Hist Last Card

Deckscape: Dracula's Castle

Quote from John Crawford on July 23, 2022, 5:31 pm

I'm interested in these 5 for $20.

Dicey Peaks

Skull King


Crime Zone: Hist Last Card

Deckscape: Dracula's Castle

Great! I've marked them as sold and will box them up for you 🙂

Hello, I'm interested in Boss Monster 2. I'll be there around 10a, but I'm happy to PayPal in advance to reserve it if you prefer 🙂

Sounds good. I'll be there from at least 9-12 and will set it aside for you

I would like Costa Ruana. I don't know if I will actually be attending the event but I can make payment and have someone pick up for me if needed.

Okay I will put it aside for you. I'll be there at least until noon. If you need to prepay because someone else is picking up for you my paypal info is Or else see you Saturday 🙂