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Captain Crackerjack's Games for Sale/Trade

Hi there,

I should be at the event all day, but I will not be bringing a lot of games unless purchases and trades have occurred before the event. If you're looking for a game, want some pictures, or just have questions, feel free to message me here. I'm not looking for much in trade, but A Study in Emerald, Mansions of Madness products, and Terraforming Mars promo/custom products may be of interest.

Name Conditon/Notes Sale Price BGG Link
Brick Party Used 5
The Good Life Used 5
F* That Used 5
The Resistance Used 5
Unexploded Cow Used 5
House of Danger Used 5
Let Them Eat Cake NIS 10
Secrets Used 10
Superfight Used 10
13 Minutes Used 10
Processing NIS 10
Ten Used 10
Spike Used 10
Smash Up Used 10
Dreamwell Used 10
Fuedo Used 10
Gloom Used 10
The Crew Opened, unused 10
Korrigans Used 10
Pioneers Program Used 10
13 Days Used 15
The Last Garden Used 15
The Arrival Used 15
Leaders of Euphoria Used, Deluxe Version with 4 Guns 15
Hokkaido NIS 20
Boss Monster 2 (Promo edition) Used 20
The Grizzled Used 20
Tokyo Ghoul NIS 20
Anomaly Used 20
Partisan! Used 20
Nightfall (with Nightfall Crimson Seige) NIS, includes Crimson Siege expansion) 20
The Flow of History 2nd Edition Used 20
Battlestar Galactica (1978) Used, Parker Brothers Game 20
Grimslingers Used 20
The Whatnot Cabinet Used 25
Patchistory Used 25
Lords of Xidit Used 25
Francis Drake NIS 30
Camel Up Cards Used 30
Sorcerer City Deluxe Used, (Ask about components) 30
Uncharted Used 30
Robo Rally (2010 Edition) Used 30
Adrenaline Used 30
Via Nebula Explorer promo, used 30
Equinox Used, OOP? 30
Flipships NIS 30
Zephyr Winds of Change Used 40
Neom Used 40
Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle Used 40
Shadows of Brimstone Swamps of Death Used, (Ask about components) 40
Tiny Towns + expansion NIS, comes with Tiny Villagers expansion 40
Sheriff of Nottingham 1st Edition, used 40
Carcassonne Over Hill and Dale Used 40
Space Gate Odyssey NIS 40
Plague Inc Used 40
Dune (B&N exclusives with opened expansion) NIS 50
Pax Renaissance (2nd Ed) NIS 50
Advanced Squad Leader Used 50
They Come Unseen Used 50
Battle of Five Armies Used 50
Urland Used 50
Munchkin (Adventure Time) Used, OOP 50
Yanks Used 60
Patton's Best Used 60
Beyond Valor Used 60
Captain Sonar Used, unopened upgrade one pack, New York + Chicago Map Promos 60
Ambush! Used, OOP 70
Paratrooper Used 75
Maharaja 2020 KS Opened, but never played 75
Oath NIS 80
RA 2008 Edition Rio Grande Edition Used 80
T.I.M.E. Stories NIS, includes Prophecy of Dragons, Endurance, and Under the Mask 90
Keyflower Opened, never played, Farmer's and Merchants Expansion 100
Lisboa Used 100
The Omega Virus Used, components are in fair condition, all parts working 100
Heart of Crown NIS, inclused Fairy Garden, Northern Enchantres, Six City Alliance, Path Before Heaven, Far East Territory, and Expansions 135
Barrage Opened, never played, Leeghwater Expansion, Officer Promos A + B, KS Box 140
Chaos In the Old World 1st Edition Unused, unpunched, box is worn with corners splitting in places 150
7th Continent Used a few times, contains all products except journal and playmat) 250


Captain Crackerjack (Aaron)